Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Farmers' TANI MUKTI "following exhibitions

Farmers' TANI MUKTI "the exhibition at the jamboree onion seeds in a village in Central Java Randusari Losari Brebes. Attended by the deputy minister of agriculture in Indonesia.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Variety Of Foods Made From Agricultural Raw

 Results innovations farmer groups "TANI MUKTI"
Village District Babakan Losari Brebes

Brownies eggplant fruit.

              besides brownies eggplant fruit, the farmer group we also make sweets, nughet, jam, lunkhead ofraw eggplant fruit. But we have not had time to show the pictures stored in the album due to the manufacturing process activity that we have not had time to search and find. Hopefully in the near future we can display it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


               commodity onion is one of dominance for the purposes of our kitchen, so do not be surprised if we see onion farmers everywhere. one example of areas in Indonesia is very famous for the cultivation of onion Brebes district, Central Java. If we visit the area it is no wonder this area is agricultural commodities dominated by red onion, onion production in the first district is very famous for its onion-producing area is very typical, especially in contrast with the onion flavor of the area in general. One type of local onion in the district is the type brebes onion "BIMA CURUT" type of local onion is now very common in this area because it is so easily cultivated and production success rate is still relatively high.

                Along with the more advanced development of existing technology and telecommunications, onion farmers now in Bradford district has utilized agricultural technology to advance. One example of farmers in this region to create onion seedlings result of cross-breeding between the assessed onion seeds can increase the quality of onion production. 

Here is the photo when the deputy minister of agriculture Indonesia attended the National Jamboree Onion Seed Village District Randusari Losari Brebes

Indonesia successfully with farmers



Tuesday, October 16, 2012


               Nowadays people are increasingly interested in foods labeled as organic. Even now it is not just food that is labeled organic everything is always sold well and in search of the market, for example: organic rice, organic fruits and vegetables, organic cosmetics, organic shampoo and even bags and organic clothing to be hunted and trends in society.

               Whatever is produced through the process of organic farming has been considered safer and better for humans and the environment. The trend made organic agricultural products labeled 'organic' has a sale value is much higher than with conventional crops. In contrast, agricultural hydroponic way it began to lose prestige because they use chemicals in the manufacturing process as well as many nutrients using tough materials decompose in nature, so it is considered contrary to the spirit of organic agriculture. So what makes our judgment and people assume that organic agriculture is better for us and the environment compared to conventional farming or hydroponics.
               Nowadays, a lot of debate about the terminology of organic agriculture, whether all plant-based and grown through the process of organic matter is automatically referred to or predicated of organic food products?, Or are still to be seen again until the entire cultivation process that determines the nutritional quality of crops itself? And what about the rules of organic growing is good and right according to the rules of the science of agriculture? Are all of the products generated from labeled organic farming systems and ensures safety for us as consumers?. Regulation and the definition of organic food are still not uniform, even different in each country so that we might think of as organic prosuk herein may not be considered organic in other countries because there is no clear standards governing these internationally agreed.
               Assumptions society in general (especially the upper middle) while this is that organic farming systems are considered healthier because it is free of chemical pesticides. In organic farming is very taboo to use chemical pesticides in controlling pests and disease. The use of botanical pesticides are considered environmentally friendly and does not cause harm to manusiayang consume organic agriculture. Whereas agricultural products produced by hydroponic systems are appropriate and well-controlled environment were not even require chemical pesticides so of course have a level of security to be consumed the same crops using organic sitem.


Sunday, October 14, 2012


           While Treating But Still Produce

          When we polluted soil poisoning due to the use of pesticides in the long run someday we will surely find something called "poisoning the soil or land sick". Therefore if we want to be able to use agricultural land and satisfactory results of course we had to try to restore or rejuvenate contaminated soil toxins and residues that result from the use of pesticides in the long run. This behavior can also be referred to as the land rested a while. like humans when humans exposed to the disease we certainly could not do much even the activity will not result in a satisfactory outcome is not as we do when we're healthy condition.
          To restore the health of the farm can be done by providing compost gradually and this process takes patience because it takes a long time we are required to be patient no hurry to undertake agricultural activities prior to our farm land back to health.

      At the time the land refreshment we can still do activities such as land use by planting using polybags. This can be done with good results, but a bit of a hassle, if the result is balanced and satisfying why not for us to do?.
                           below is one example of agricultural engineering drawings using a polybag.

How polybag farming is done on land or land that is being rested during the healing process.


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